office chair parts manufacturer FAQ

TINCCI office chair parts manufacturer FAQ

Do you have any questions about office chair parts bulk buying?

See below guidance:

Q1: What kind of office chair parts you are selling? 

A: Caster wheels.chair Base(leg), chair Gas lift, chair Mechanism, and Armrest.

Q2:How to choose the right product for the chair parts?

Aa: Caster wheel-1.Material: Nylon and PU. 2.Diameter:from 25mm to 100mm. 3.Brake or not.

Ab: Base(Leg)- 1. Material: Aluminum, Iron,Nylon. 2.Radius:From 230mm to 350mm. 3.Surface treatment:Rough,Chrome,Powder coating,painting.

Ac: Gas lift- 1. Material:Iron. 2.Dimension:Stroke from 40 to 330mm. 3.Surface treatment:Chrome,Powder coating. 4.Level: Class1,class2,class3,class4

Ad: Mechanism-1. Dimension: Hole to hole.

Ae: Armrest-1.Dimension: Hole to hole.

For more details please check the select guide.

Q3. What is the Minimum Order Quantity for chair parts?

Aa: chair Caster wheels-2000pieces

Ab: chair Base(Leg)-200pieces

Ac: Gas lift-1000pieces

Ad: Mechanism-1000pieces

Ae: Armrest-1000pairs

Q4: How to install the parts?  

Aa: Chair Base(Leg)-Put it upside down.

Ab: Caster wheel-Keep the caster pin a straight line with a chair Base hole, then press into the base hole with force until you heard a click. Put the base upside.

Ac: Gas lift-Remove the plastic cap, then put the bigger side into the base center hole.

Ad: Mechanism-FIRST installs it with chair, Then install chair with gas lift. 

Ae: Armrest-FIRST installs it with a chair. 

For the details please click install guide.