Material guide

Swivel chair parts include caster wheels and chair bases,chair cylinder and chair mechanism,chair armrest.

Our caster wheels must be able to support the weight of the chair components, including the chair base, seat, armrests, as well as the user. Polymers are lightweight and strong as some metals. it is easily visualized why polymers and elastomers are commonly found to be the material of caster wheels currently on the market. They are lightweight, an important quality to have for office furniture that is often moved around, and they are strong, able to bear the high loads. which may be used in any application, from food service carts, to surgical carts, to office furniture.  

As an office chair marketed to high-tech workplaces or for users primarily utilizing this chair at their personal home, our caster wheel will be utilized on different flooring surfaces. For example, for a personal home with hardwood flooring, the wheel must be able to roll smoothly over a relatively hard surface, but must also be made out of a material that is soft enough to prevent damage to the hardwood floor surface. 

the office chair casters available for sale only include two material types: polyurethane and soft rubber. the soft rubber material is only able to bear a medium load. Our chair would like to be able to bear more weight and have that option for greater capacity, so we rule out the rubber and instead opt in for the polyurethane. 

Polymers and Polyurethane are our selected swivel chair caster wheels material.Most manufacturers use their own naming conventions when referring to these 2 material, so you will run into a bunch of different names to refer to this style of material such as plastic casters, nylon caster wheels,PVC chair casters etc.

 caster wheels

The swivel chair bases and chair armrest must be made of a material that is durable, strong, stiff, and looks nice as it will draw a lot of attention from the leather texture of the chair. Material must be light enough for manual movement of the chair or rolling and typical lifting.

The typical swivel chair bases and chair armrest used in production today, the most common materials for a chair base and chair armrest are plastic nylon,carbon steel and aluminum. These materials are more practical to use in furniture than, say, copper or lead. 



The swivel chair is a kind of computer chair and office chair. It can be lifted and can be rotated 360 degrees. The basic principle of the lifting is because there is a chair gas cylinder in the lifting device. The gas cylinder is a kind of gas and liquid as the working medium. , An elastic element that can support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment.

The chair gas cylinders are typically universal.The main material of chair gas cylinders is steel pipe, the thicker the steel pipe thickness, the better quality,of cause the higher price.The most important filling gas must be nitrogen more than 90%


The most common materials for a chair mechanisms are stamped steel and aluminum.Which request durable, strong, stiff, and looks nice.stamped steel price is cheaper than aluminum if the design and function are the similar.