CHAIR GAS LIFT is a China manufacturer website that wholesale sgs bifma x5.1 en 1335 TUV certification chair parts in a series chair gas lift. We have more than 200 workers and shipped more than 600 containers a year. The hot-selling products are swivel office chair gas cylinder, it can also be called revolving office chair gas lift and office chair piston. which is divided into an office chair gas cylinder, bar stool gas lift by application. 

A gas lift cylinder is a form of an office chair or bar stool that allows the user to adjust their height,To keep comfort and ergonomic benefit. They are mostly made of metal steel Iron, a few custom gas lift cylinder is made of stainless. Our office chair gas lift are typically universal with 2" (50mm) center holes, The only difference between all standard office chair piston is what is the travel for your seat. Our chair piston travel length(stroke length) available from 1.5 inches to 13inch with swiveling & non-rotating.The gas lift cylinder applications include office chair and ergonomic chair,task chair and executive chair,desk chair, computer chair,gaming chairs, and bar stools. All the class 4 chair gas lift piston guarantee 5 years warranty.