How to Select

How to select casters wheel,bases,gas lift cylinder for your chairs?

How to choose a suitable caster wheel for furniture?

Nowadays, caster wheel application is very wide, involving most industries,like office,home,medical,salon etc. Tianqi furniture brand “TINCCI” is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development, design and production of furniture accessories. We main research and develop caster wheel for office furniture.To guide the customers quickly find the most suitable caster wheel,Here below are our suggestions:

When you choosing caster wheel for furniture, you should consider material,PU and PVC is the best choice to make sure the castors will not to scratch the floor,And the weight bearing also should be considered,it is very important.The suitable load-bearing caster wheel can ensure your furniture move smoothly without damaged .Besides, the number of casters required,the different dimension diameter, different styles, different designs,with brake,without brake etc...too much information?Call or email us,our professional advice can help you find the most suitable caster wheels.

How to choose a base for chair or furniture?

The chair base material can directly affect the comfortable and lifetime of a finish-chair. Nowadays in the market,the most popular chair bases materials are aluminum alloy, metal iron and plastic nylon.

The advantages of aluminum alloy base are anti-rust, stable structure and the best bearing capacity. Aluminum chair bases have chromed surface treatment, polish and powder coating surface treatment, and painted surface treatment. Aluminum chair bases can be used for outdoor furniture or high quality chairs.

The advantages of iron metal chair bases which can be made in variety shapes with designs , and cheaper than aluminum alloy chair bases,two kinds of surface treatment:Chromed surface treatment and powder coated,painted surface treatment. The disadvantage is easy too rust after long time use or in the wet environment. So the chromed surface treatment quality is very important, bad quality chromed will make metal chair base lifetime shorter. The good quality chromed is looks shinny like a mirror. 

Nylon feet, also called plastic base the advantage is light weight and cheap price than aluminum base,Iron metal base. The bearing capacity is not as good as aluminum alloy base and metal iron base, the lifetime is shorter than iron metal base and aluminum alloy base.

So everyone should consider the user's weight, environment, style and other factors when choosing a chair base.

How to choose a gas lift for chair?

The gas lift is the core components of the office chair,home chair, gaming chair,We can see the news reported from internet that human body hurting by bad gas lift.

Some manufacturers use the bad quality raw material in order to reduce the cost, it is very dangerous and may caused explosion. Consider you and your family safety,please refuse low-priced chair parts gas cylinder,When you buying a replacement parts gas lift,we suggest you choosing a good quality with a certificated.As an professional furniture parts factory,we supply class 3 chair gas lift, class 4 chair gas spring,class 1 is unavailable because it is low quality.The main difference between class 1,class 2,class 3 and class 4 is the thickness of inner tube and outer tube. You can find the differences by net weight.chair gas list of class 4 is the most weight, chair gas list of class 3 is the second weight,then is chair gas list of class 2.