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where to wholesale office chair casters furniture replacement parts

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swivel chair parts suppliers

Lounge swivel chair base parts  Features:

A. Firm, Flexible and easy to install

B. High-end design

C. With fix slide or rolling caster wheel

D. Sturdy, stable, and durable

E. Polished,powder coated,painted,chromed finish

F. Fits almost all average chairs 

$33.94 (tax incl.) $33.94 (tax excl.)
Tax included

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 100.

China supplier

china suppliers

where to wholesale lounge armchair swivel base spare parts

Our high quality lounge swivel chair base parts are made to factory specifications. This base provides a sturdy, stable, and durable foundation for your office chair. Improves your chair by upgrading to a polished metal look and stand out from the crowd.A broken chair base can result in an unsafe or unusable chair. You can easily fix your broken or worn chair base with our polished aluminum office chair base.Fits almost all average chairs with standard gas cylinders that have a 2" (50mm) center support column.

  • 2" (50mm) Tapered Center Hub 
  • Standard 7/16" x 1" (11mm x 25mm )Caster Sockets
  • High quality polished aluminum treatment
  • Custom colors
  • See dimension picture as below


What are the swivel chair parts?

Swivel chair parts include swivel caster wheel and swivel chair base,swivel gas lift and swivel chair mechanism.

Swivel caster wheels are an indispensable part of modern office chairs. They are generally matched with swivel chair base and can rotate 360 degrees, which provides us with sufficient convenience.

Swivel chair bases are general office swivel chair parts, The beauty of choosing swivel chair base is that it has strong bearing capacity and easy to move with height adjustment, which has a great effect on adjusting the height of our sitting posture, because everyone has a different height, and the height that suits you can be adjusted freely, which is good for the neck and waist. The most commonly used places for swivel chairs are boss chairs, employee chairs and other places.

Swivel gas lift cylinder is an indispensable part of the office chair parts. The Swivel gas lift cylinder is a kind of elastic element that uses gas and liquid as the working medium, which can support, buffer, brake, height adjust and swivel adjustment.

Swivel chair mechanism is the point where the swivel chair is supported and connected to the gas lift cylinder to connect the office swivel chair into a whole. It is precisely because of this effect that we must focus on the quality control when purchasing.

More pictures for lounge swivel chair base parts usage: Office meeting,office lounge,home leisure.



What is the price of swivel chair parts?

We offer the very best swivel chair parts in home and office furniture with competitive price and fair price.

No matter single swivel caster wheel, swivel chair base,swivel gas lift, swivel chair mechanism, or full swivel chair parts.

How to find a suitable swivel chair parts suppliers?

We are a professional swivel chair parts supplier and global import&export privately owned manufacturer with more than 200 workers,and shipped more than 600 containers a year of middle-end、upper-end office swivel chair parts,These office swivel chair parts passed ANSI/BIFMAX5.1 standard.

China supplier manufacturing process steps for swivel chair base parts

chair base made in china factory

Swivel chair parts suppliers loading containers for lounge swivel chair base parts.

chair base made in china manufacturer loading container

How to purchase and receive swivel chair parts? 

how to buy chair base from china

Why choose Tincci swivel chair parts supplier?

We are here to provide you with exceptional customer service whenever you need us...before, during and after the sale. We're dedicated to giving you the best service and products possible each and every time. Your satisfaction is always our goal.

We help customers choose the right swivel chair parts to complete their furniture and will follow you step by step explaining in details every aspects of our products and assisting you in your choice. 

Call us,Email us,Let's start the business now.

swivel chair parts suppliers
30 cm
64 cm
62 cm
4 kg
50000 Items
Brand Name
Product Name
Chair Base
Model Number
Fixed shaft
HS Code
Minimum Order Quantity
100 pieces
Silver or black
Net Weight
Carton Dimension
5pcs per carton
Production Capacity
50000 Pieces per month
Home Office/Office Building/Living Room/Hotel/Apartment/Hall
Leisure chairs,Swivel chairs,Office chairs
Customized logo&Customized packaging&Customized color
Quality Standard
Passed BIFMA
FOB Port
Lead Time
Place of Origin
Base Shape
Base Surface Finish
Polish or Powder Coating
Base Diameter
660mm 26 in.
Base Height
380mm(15 inch)
Base Center Hole Diameter
Base Loading Qty 1*20GP /1*40HC

We are OEM and ODM supplier,manufacture standard and custom swivel office chair parts. Products available include chair Casters,chair bases,gas cylinder and chair mechanism,chair armrest. Materials include Metal aluminum,metal Iron,alloys,Plastic and rubber PU.

Casters are available in 25 mm to 100 mm sizes with locking & unlocking wheels.Applications of casters include furniture, healthcare, display, beauty supply & technology.

Chair bases Sizes available for 4 Leg bases and 5 Leg Bases. Available diameter for leg bases ranges from 20" to 33".chair base material are available in plastic, steel and aluminum. Designed to accept a standard 50 mm diameter gas cylinder, chair Bases Accept friction ring stems used with most casters and glides.

Gas Cylinders are available from 1.5 inch to 13inch stroke length with swiveling & non-rotating Applications of Gas Cylinders include office chair and ergonomic chair,task chair and executive chair,desk chair and computer chair,gaming chairs and bar stools etc.

Our quality certification about SGS bifma x5.1 en 1335 for chair gas lift and caster wheel,chair base and chair mechainsm.TUV is class 4 gas cylinder.

office chair gas lift replacement parts factory in China

Our quality test system for chair impact swivel strength pull endurance and Saly spray, lifetime.

office caster wheel chair parts manufacturer in China

We provide OEM and ODM service for all the furniture parts.See the guide as following:

R&D Capability

We have a professional design team, Support Customized for furniture accessories appearance,chair parts packing and Logo printing and so on; Offer the competitive price with stable good quality. Established long-term and friendly cooperation relations with customers which from Italy,Vietnam,Mexico,USA,Brazil,Russia,Switzerland


We can design furniture caster wheel,chair base and gas lift cylinder according to customer requirements. After the client puts forward the design requirements, Our R&D team will evaluate the feasibility of the plan and the design cycle according to the design requirements. And will provide some suggestions to improve customer’s design with our professional knowledge and valuable experience, then collect feedback from customers. In the end,we will proceed some samples until customer approval.

Furniture caster wheel R&D

Furniture caster wheel R & D is based on the customer’s requirements (material,colors,caster dimension,castor height,hardware length and other functions), designed to meet the requirements for customers furniture. then make a detail list quotation for products and mold cost for injection work. Once you approval the cost,we will produce some samples until you satisfy,In the end,we will produce the mass production after sample confirmation.

Chair base R&D

The research and development for chair base are based on the customer’s appearance(four star,five star,four star,three star) ,surface treatment(Raw polished, finish polished,powder coat painted) ,Colors (black,red,gray,blue,green,yellow etc.),Radius(from 200mm to 350mm).Base on your finish-chair and your special requirements,we will offer professional suggestions to improve mold more available.Once you approval the cost for injection mold and chair base unit price,we will produce some samples until you satisfied.

Gas lift cylinder R&D

The research and development for gas lift cylinders are based on the customer’s function(swivel with lifting,swivel without lifting,lifting without swivel,auto reduction swivel),dimension (stroke length,outer tube length,outer tube diameter,total open length).Base on your finish-chair and your special requirements,we will offer professional suggestions to improve mold more available.Once you approval the cost for mold and chair base unit price,we will produce some samples until you satisfied.rtification he office wheels


Do you have any questions about furniture accessories purchasing?

See below guidance:.

Q1: What kind of furniture parts you are manufacture and wholesale?

A: We manufacture and wholesale furniture Caster wheel,Chair Base(chair leg),Chair Gas lift,Chair Mechanism and Chair Armrest.

Q2:How to choose the suitable replacement parts caster wheel for furniture?

A:When you choosing caster wheel for furniture, you should consider material,PU and PVC is the best choice to make sure the castors will not to scratch the floor,And the weight bearing also should be considered,it is very important.The suitable load-bearing caster wheel can ensure your furniture move smoothly without damaged .Besides,the different dimension diameter, different styles, with brake or without brake also should be considered.

Q3:How to choose the suitable chair base mechanism and armrest for chairs?

A: Aluminum alloy base and Aluminum armrest and Aluminum mechanism are anti-rust, stable structure and the best bearing capacity. Aluminum chair parts have chromed surface treatment, polish and powder coating surface treatment, and painted surface treatment which can be used for outdoor furniture or high quality chairs.

Iron metal chair parts like bases mechanism and armrest can be made in variety shapes with designs , and cheaper than aluminum alloy chair bases,two kinds of surface treatment are Chromed and powder coated.The disadvantage is easy too rust after long time use or in the wet environment. 

Nylon feet or plastic armrest is light weight and cheap price than aluminum and Iron metal base or armrest. The bearing capacity is not as good as aluminum alloy and metal iron chair parts, the lifetime is shorter than iron metal and aluminum alloy  chair accessories.

Q4:How to choose the suitable chair gas lift ?

A:We supply class 3 chair gas lift, class 4 chair gas spring,class 1 chair gas piston is unavailable because it is low quality.

The main difference between class 1,class 2,class 3 and class 4 is the thickness of inner tube and outer tube. You can find the differences by net weight.chair gas list of class 4 is the most weight, chair gas list of class 3 is the second weight,then is chair gas list of class 2.

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