What are office chair parts?

What are office chair parts names?

Our factory mainly produces office chair parts including office chair wheels, office chair base, office chair gas cylinder, office chair mechanism, and chair armrest, see the details below.

1.office chair wheels:a set of 5 wheels or a set of 4 wheels in a swivel frame with kinds of floors or carpet. they are usually used for the support and movement of office chairs. The universal standard size is 7/16" x 7/8" (11mm x 22mm) sockets for stems. The different dimensions are office chair wheels diameter, width, and height. Our office chair wheels diameter was available from 25 mm to 100 mm with locking & unlocking function. The width of caster wheels available from 28mm to 73mm.The height of caster wheels available from 32mm to 111.5mm.

2.office chair base: The foundation of an office chair, which is divided into metal iron, steel aluminum alloys, and a Plastic office chair base. An office chair base typically includes 5 legs or 4 legs that extend from a central column, providing stability in the office chair. office chair base had universal Standard Size which will fit almost every office chair on the market. It has the standard 2" (50mm) center hole for office chair gas cylinder and standard 7/16" x 7/8" (11mm x 22mm) sockets for friction ring stems office chair wheels and glides. Available diameter for office chair base ranges from 20" to 33"

3.office chair gas cylinder: An office chair gas cylinder is a form of office chair that allows the user to adjust their height with the height of a desk, To keep comfort and ergonomic benefit. They are mostly made of metal Iron, a few custom office chair gas cylinder is made of stainless. Our office chair cylinders are typically universal with 2" (50mm) center hole, The only difference between all standard office chair gas cylinders is what is the travel for your seat. Our office chair gas cylinder travel dimension available from 1.5 inches to 13inch stroke length with swiveling & non-rotating Applications of Gas Cylinders include office chair and ergonomic chair,task chair and executive chair,desk chair, and computer chair,gaming chairs.

4.office chair mechanism: It is located underneath the seat of an office chair to support the point of the office chair, linking the gas cylinder where it is used to connect the office chair into a whole. This is a mechanical component that enables you to make specific adjustments to the seat and backrest of the chair, like the seat angle of the backrest.office chair mechanisms are made of metal iron and steel aluminum alloys.5.There are so many dimensions that exist and developing.Please make sure the hole-to-hole distance before you doing a purchase.

5.chair armrest: They always come in pairs, to provide a place for you to rest your forearms and relieve strain on your shoulders and wrists.They are divided into metal iron,steel aluminum alloys, and Plastic office chair armrest.There are so many dimensions that exist and developing.Please make sure the hole-to-hole distance before you doing a purchase.